Saturday, December 3, 2011

D'ambrosio Gelato

I don't know why I am putting this in my recipes dealie. The DG is certainly not going to cough up the recipe for the best Gelato in the world, are they? I'm a nut for the stuff so I know this is the best. What I can't figure out is why they don't have a hundred locations instead of the 1 genius location on Ballard, Seattle. A secondary consideration for going to the area is the year-'round street market.
D'Ambrosio Gelato on Urbanspoon
The second best is Gelato Junction on the 400 block of Main St. in Grand Junction, Colorado. It is so good that we had some when it was 4 degrees outside. Texture and temperature were every bit as good as D'Ambrosio. I prefer the bolder taste at Seattle's shop by a neck. G. Jct. now has a great Nepalese restaurant just a few doors from the Gelato Jct.

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